Whom Would You Call?

You are hiking across a desert. The sun is strong, and it is burning your skin. You're running out of food and water, and you're tired, but you have to keep going so that you can reach your destination by nightfall. No one is there to help you, and there is no water source that you could use to refill your bottle. You are beginning to give up hope that you will ever get to where you're going. All of a sudden, you see a lonely phone booth standing on the side of the road. You have no coins, but you enter the booth anyway, and see that there is a calling card there. You pick up the card, and notice that it comes with instructions: You're allowed to make one free phone call. You are guaranteed that whoever you call will hear you even if they are not available to answer the call at this time. When you're ready to make the call, take this card and insert it into the phone. Pick up the handle and think of the one you would like to contact. Speak your mind into the phone, and then hang up. Take the card out of the phone, and leave it where you found it. After a bit of thinking, you take the card and make the call. Whom do you call, and what do you say? mojave-phone-booth