Taking the road west

After sitting at the crossroads cafe a few days ago and contemplating whether to go further back north or head straight west, I decided to head west. I chose Nashville, Tennessee mostly because it was a major point of interest on my way further west. Also one of my friends gave it a lot of praise. It was a 5+ hour drive and I began around noon. On my way there, I passed though the northeastern part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest by way of US-25W. There were a lot of flags there that looked like a circle with three stars in it. People whom I encountered there did not seem friendly at all. The forest around me wasn't impressive. I stopped at various spots on my way to Nashville, but mainly just to rest. I didn't have any idea where I would be spending the night, and I honestly didn't care. I did have a sense that I should head straight to Nashville without any detours. I arrived there around 8 or 9 pm. I found a hostel and went to it, but there were no people there. I decided to go eat first and ask around for a place to stay. I found a pizzeria, and chatted up to the guy working at the order desk. I ended up getting his contact information with the intention to hang out later. Then I went to the seating area. There was a cool African American dude working there. He was super friendly and he also seemed like he was having a lot of fun while cleaning up. I chatted up to him as well, and although I didn't get his contact information, I enjoyed the conversation. Then I called the hostel and found out that the branch I was at had closed for the day, but that they had another one that was a 24 hour location. By the time I got there and checked in, it was half past midnight. They gave me a towel, so I went upstairs to put it in my dorm room. Then I came back and chatted up to the two people sitting in the common room. They seemed pretty cool and told more that I can go explore Broadway if I like, since it had a lot of music venues that were open all night. I did that after they left. The street was impressive, with a lot of places with the type of music that I like. I tried entering one of those places, but the security guy told me he can't let me in because I had a bag. So I just stood outside for a bit to listen. Then I went back to the hostel. I unloaded some things in the hallway before entering the quiet area. I loaded them back, but forgot one of my shirts on the floor. I sat in the quiet area for a bit to charge my phone and get do a few things on my phone. A guy walked in carrying my shirt, and asked me if it was mine. Then he gave it back to me. Shortly thereafter I went to bed. It was almost 3 am.