Second day in Nashville

Although I went to bed late, I got up pretty early so that I could eat breakfast. While I was putting it together, a man approached me and we started a conversation. It turned out that his name was Bill, and that he came to perform in a quartet. He also said that each man does a different tone, and that he handles notes that others cannot or don't want to.

When he found out that I had a car, he mentioned that there was a museum he wanted to go to. He offered to buy me a ticket if I gave him a ride to the museum. I accepted.

On our way there, I realized that I forgot to renew my stay at the hostel. I told Bill about it, and he called the hostel up to see if they can renew my stay for me. It turned out that this could only be done online or on person. So Bill opened the website and filled out the form for me while I was continuing to drive. Then I only had to put in my credit card information when we arrived at the museum parking.

It was an art museum. I can't say that I liked it because the art seemed creepy to me. However, that is not important because Bill was pretty interesting to talk to, so I enjoyed the experience as well as the rest of the day that I spent with him.

After the museum, we went to a place called Zoës Kitchen on Hwy 100 in Nashville. Bill paid for the whole thing, which was pretty nice. The food was amazing. It was fresh, well cooked and delicious. After the meal, I went to a restroom while Bill went outside. When I came back, I discovered that the water bottle that I brought was missing from the table. I approached the server to ask what happened to the bottle, and it turned out that someone accidentally threw it out. She asked the manager what to do about it, and he simply gave me a new water bottle from the fridge at no charge. That was super cool because I didn't even have to ask for it. In fact, I said that I will just take the bottle out of trash and wash it, but he insisted. I left them a positive review so that hopefully they can get a lot more customers.

After we were done with lunch, Bill took me to see a streamed video of different performances done by various quartets from a different countries. Actually, I drove, but he pointed out the place. The performances were pretty unusual in that I haven't seen anything quite like them before, but they were great and I liked most of them a lot.

Then we came back to the hostel and I spent the rest of the day organizing my things, running errands, processing everything that happened, and resting. I also applied to be a volunteer at the hostel so that I could stay for free.

I noticed that people in this neighborhood are very respectful of each others' privacy and belongings. On occasion, I forgot my some of my items in various places, and they were simply left exactly as they were. Here's the most interesting part. In the morning when we left the hostel, I dropped my hostel key card near the car on the sidewalk. I discovered that the card was missing when we got to the museum. I let that go, being absolutely sure that I just misplaced the card, and that it will turn up somewhere. Bill and I were out the whole day, and when we came back, it was already the evening. I told Bill that we will meet back at the hostel, and stayed to do a thorough search for the key card. I did not find the card. Then I walked over to the spot where my car was parked in the morning. There it was, my card, lying on the ground at the spot where I must have dropped it.

The Visitor Center at the Museum


Road to the Museum


The Museum