Third day in Nashville

On the third day in Nashville, I got up very early and went to eat breakfast and make notes about events. I checked my email and saw that I got a reply from the hostel regarding my volunteer application. They said that they prefer people who have local references whom the hostel already knows from before, and asked me to submit a resume. My friend Bill happened to come out exactly when I was done with all my notes and other stuff, and we went to eat breakfast. He pointed out a cheap parking spot near the breakfast location, and paid for half of it. We chose an egg place and ordered omelets with mushrooms and vegetables. I specifically asked the guy there not to put any spicy vegetables into the omelet. He said ok, but the omelet I received had exclusively spicy vegetables, such as jalapeno peppers. I went to the guy who made the omelet and asked him why he did that. He said that he thought it's what I wanted. I said that I wanted the opposite. He said that he misunderstood, and gave me a replacement omelet at no charge. He let me pick my own selection of vegetables for it. After breakfast, we went to a shoe repair store because Bill's shoe broke. The store was pretty busy with a lot of repair stuff going on. They fixed the shoe on the spot, but warned that it won't hold for long unless it is given a few hours to dry. Bill put it on anyway and we left. There was a Russian grocery store next door and we stopped by to see what's there. Bill bought ice cream, and I also introduced him to the Russian version of buckwheat that doesn't fall apart and get slimy unlike the green variety found in some American health stores. He expressed interest to try it, and so I bought one box. The lady at the cash register was pretty rude and unfriendly. I walked out with the box, and Bill gave me back half the price because I was going to give him half of what was in it. I dropped off Bill at an event that he wanted to attend, and went back to the hostel. At the hostel, I saw that my new friend Amanda whom I met on the first day, was practicing singing. It sounded good, so I approached her to find out more. Turned out she was supposed to be singing at one of the local venues, but had issues with her voice. I¬†asked her to let me know later when she was going to sing so that I could see whether I would do by to listen. She said ok but never got beach to me. Which is more than ok because I ended up making other plans. I left the hostel and drove out of the city limits to visit Aldi and buy groceries. It was a pretty crappy Aldi with bad produce, especially the eggs. They had huge stacks of 12 egg containers on a bunch of shelves. All the ones I opened were either broken or had a bad odor even though ask the boxes had exclusion dates in the future. I skipped the eggs and bought other things. My trip back to the hostel took over an hour because of all the traffic. At the exact moment I was done with my car, a cool black dude walked by and asked me to take his pictures. I took one, and he asked me to take more continuously while he was constantly moving around and changing poses. Then he stopped, took his phone, thanked me, and walked away. Thus I got a free dynamic photography lesson. Back at my room, I found two dollars on my bed. These weren't my dollars, so I asked the guys who were on the room at the time whether someone misplaced theirs. They said they didn't, so I just left the money where I saw it and exited the room. I went downstairs to cook dinner for myself and Bill. I boiled buckwheat and vegetables with spices, and got complimented on how good it smelled. I called Bill and we sat down to eat. The food came out good and we enjoyed it as well as the conversation we had over it. Add I was cooking dinner, I asked my new friend Thea if she knows anyone who was at the hostel for a while and could serve as my reference so that I could get a volunteer position. She said she will ask around. Bill came by and heard our conversation. He mentioned that he met the owner and can introduce me to him if we both happen to run into him at the same time. After dinner, Bill insisted to wash the dishes, and then we went to a cafe because he wanted to buy cheesecake. At the cafe, I got free water with refills although I didn't order anything. The waitress was cool and chatty. I saw a few women and girls with shirts that said something about a steps team. Turned out there was a dance performance nearby that was about to end. At the same time, Bill's other friend came by and sat down to chat. I didn't understand what they were talking about, so Bill and I agreed to meet later at the hostel. I went to find the venue with the performance. Suddenly strong wind started to blow, and dust started flying into my face. I also saw garbage bags flying around through the air. I didn't understand what was going on, so I asked a guy who was passing by. The guy said it was going to rain big time in approximately 10¬†minutes. I ran / walked straight to the hostel. The rain began just a few seconds after I stepped through the entrance. Inside the hostel, the stream played three beautiful songs in a row before going dead. One of these was "It's Only" by Odesza. I find this song to be strangely mesmerizing, and I can listen to it over and over even though the words don't make much sense. I went upstairs to the quiet area to write a blog post about the day before. When I was almost done, a cool black dude walked in and said he will be downstairs if I want to hang out later. I met him before very briefly and he said his name is Benjamin. I said ok and continued working on my post until it was done. Then I went downstairs. When I was downstairs, some woman was being mean to Benjamin. She was cursing at him and sprinkling him with water. I approached and asked why she was being mean to my friend. She answered that he was being lazy and not doing his work properly. It turns out that he was just hired as a volunteer. A bit later the woman walked away and sat at a table with other guys. I told Benjamin that we should bring one of the bouncers from Broadway to kick her out. He laughed and said he likes the idea, and that I should tell that to her directly. So I walked over to the woman and said exactly the same thing with a straight face. She laughed at me and said she will believe me when it happens, and until then she will laugh at my face. I said I don't care if she believes me or not, and that it will happen. Then I walked away as she continued to laugh. She then said that she's not mean, and that she was constantly smiling at me before, which means she's actually nice. I thought of saying that I don't like people who constantly smile, but decided against it because that would have also been mean. I went upstairs to take a shower and organize my notes. Then I went to sleep.